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Aldo Zilli is a well-known chef and televisions personality of Italian descent known best for specializing in the Italian cuisine. He was born on the 26th of January, 1956 as one of nine children. His success story in the field of food has made his bio and career details searched and him respected in the world. He has appeared also in several television shows.

Aldo was born in Italy in Alba Adriatica in Abruzzo. He moved to England on 1976 and has been residing there since. Aldo has made a name for himself by appearing in several television shows like One Man and His Hob, Celebrity Fit Club as well as Goof Food Live. In the Celebrity Fit Club, he lost a whopping 15.5 kilos of weight that impressed the judges there and was made the captain of the series. Their team won the series as well. Apart from appearing in television, Aldo is also the owner of several restaurants around London.

His other endeavors include appearing in Through the Keyhole; Big Brother’s Little Brother and The X Factor: Battle of the Stars. He is also the holder of the world record for being the person who has flipped a pancake for a maximum number of times. He got this record on the 24th of February, 2009. He has also collaborated with Thomson Airways and with Kraft Foods. Apart from this he has appeared on CBBC’s Best of Friends, Sky One’s Max Magic, Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Challenge etc. he has also been frequently criticized for his supposedly fake accent that should probably have gone as he has stayed in the UK for a long time now.  The several television appearances and the ownership of several hotels around the United Kingdom and elsewhere, has made him a well-known personality across the world. 

Nikki Zilli is the wife of the legendary chef Aldo Zilli. They have been married since 2005 and are still doing pretty well together. They seem to be getting along pretty well with each other and are not headed towards divorce or such issues. Nikki is a model by profession. The couple has two children together. Their daughter Laura too has followed the footsteps of her mother and is a model and singer who is seen frequently on the Channel 4’s Seven Days. Apart from Nikki, Aldo has never been rumored to have hooked up with anybody else. He seems to be devoted towards his spouse and he has no other affair to mention. He has never been a s sumed to be a gay or a bisexual and seems to be straight.

Aldo Zilli has managed to bag up a net worth of 10 million dollars but his actual salary has not been known. He has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and an amiable personality which appeals to his fans.

by Bchrome, 16 Feb, 2016

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