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Albert DePrisco is a famous American jeweller and actor, who rose to fame after marrying popular actress and author, Lisa Niemi. DePrisco is the owner of the jewellery shop "A.M DePrisco Wellesley" located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. 

Albert's wife, Lisa Niemi Swayze is an American writer, dancer, choreographer, actress, and director. She is best known as the widow of actor and dancer Patrick Swayze, with whom she shared a 34-year marriage.

The Life OF Albert Deprisco Took A Turn When He Met His Future Wife Lisa Niemi 

Albert DePrisco's journey is not only one of business but also of love and companionship. In the year 2012, destiny united him with Lisa Niemi, a luminous presence in his life.

Their connection blossomed from an initial meeting during Lisa's 56th birthday celebration. The warmth of their companionship soon transformed into love, and in 2014, they exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony. This union bore witness to the seamless blending of two vibrant souls.

Albert DePrisco and his wife Lisa Niemi the American writer, dancer, choreographer, actress, and director. SOURCE: Pinterest

Albert DePrisco's path crossed with Lisa Niemi, a multifaceted personality renowned for her prowess as a professional dancer, actress, writer, and director. Her cinematic journey boasts titles such as "One Last Dance," "Steel Dawn," and "Letters from a Killer."

Lisa's creative contributions extended to directing, exemplified by the film "Dance." Her marriage to the late Patrick Swayze, a relationship of 34 years, etched her name into the annals of cultural history.

The Supportive Couple Albert DePrisco and Lisa Niemi 

Albert DePrisco and Lisa Niemi's abode in Florida serves as a testament to their enduring bond. Despite not having children together, their shared aspirations and mutual support form the bedrock of their relationship.

Lisa's advocacy for her husband's jewellery business and her strategic involvement in expanding its horizons showcases their collaborative spirit. Their partnership is a celebration of shared dreams and a commitment that stands the test of time.

Albert Deprisco Wife Lisa Niemi Former Husband Patrick Swayze Passed Away Via Cancer

Lisa Niemi and Albert DePrisco's love story is one of resilience and hope. After the death of her husband, Patrick Swayze, in 2009 due to pancreatic cancer, Lisa found love again in Albert.

The couple had been married for 34 years when he passed away. After his death, Lisa was hesitant to move on and find love again but eventually found the courage to take the leap of faith with Albert.

Albert DePrisco and his wife Lisa Niemi was married to Patrick Swayze who passed away from cancer. SOURCE: Instagram

In 2014, Lisa and Albert tied the knot in front of family and friends. She wore a cushion-cut diamond eternity band, and Albert had a matching band. To honour Patrick's memory, she has become an advocate for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Albert DePrisco Father Francis Deprisco Leave The Wealth Behind To His Kids

Frank and Marie DePrisco, the visionary parents of Albert, embarked on an extraordinary journey in 1948 when they founded the DePrisco Jewelry store in Boston. With a mere $100 investment, they laid the foundation for a legacy that would span generations.

This humble beginning blossomed into a thriving enterprise, catering to an exclusive clientele encompassing celebrities, political figures, and the affluent. Frank and Marie's dedication paved the way for a life of privilege for Albert and his siblings.

Albert DePrisco was not alone in his pursuit of excellence. He was accompanied by three remarkable siblings who contributed significantly to the family's jewellery empire. Frank DePrisco, his elder brother, exemplified his commitment to the family trade as a gemologist and jewellery designer.

Tragically, Frank passed away in 2014, leaving behind a legacy of creativity and innovation. Donna, an elder sister, and Deidre, a younger sister, added their distinctive touch to the DePrisco Jewelry saga. Deidre's talent as a professional ballroom dancer harmoniously intertwined with her role as the director of DePrisco Jewelry.

The Net Worth Sucess OF Albert DePrisco From His Business

Albert DePrisco is an actor and jeweller who rose to fame in the late 1970s and 1980s. Albert’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. He has earned most of his money through his jewellery shop and acting career.

Albert DePrisco is the owner of the Jeweler store “A.M DePrisco Wellesley,” located at 571 Washington Street in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It has now developed two more branches. His wife, Lisa Niemi also has a net worth of around $40 million as per celebrity net worth. 

The famous couple Albert DePrisco and his wife Lisa Niemi. SOURCE: Daily Mail

The company specializes in creating diamonds and other high-end jewellery and has just opened a store in Downtown Boston, Massachusetts, and one in Osterville, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

Despite all of Albert's life, he never forgets to give his time to social projects when he is not in the spotlight. He is almost a supporter of the Massachusetts-based nonprofit “Children's Trust,” which prevents child abuse. He collaborates with more than 100 distinct and creative community foundations dedicated to supporting disadvantaged youth. He has donated

The Passion OF Albert DePrisco To Pursue His Parent's Path 

Albert DePrisco's formative years were spent in the embrace of the Massachusetts landscape, where his affinity for jewellery was nurtured. Embracing his parents' legacy, he immersed himself in the world of gemology and jewellery design, harnessing his skills to fortify the family brand.

As he entered his 20s, he joined the ranks of the family business, embarking on a journey of continuous growth. Through unwavering dedication, Albert assumed the helm of DePrisco Jewelers, elevating it to new heights. ellen

Albert's leadership transformed DePrisco Jewelers into a realm of opulence and sophistication. The company provides a diverse range of beautiful jewellery, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

A hallmark of their expertise lies in the realm of fine diamonds, showcasing designs that emanate splendour and elegance. Beyond their opulent collections, DePrisco Jewelers boasts expertise in jewellery repair, custom design, engraving, and appraisal services.

Early Life of Albert DePrisco

Albert DePrisco, an embodiment of craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit, stands as a distinguished figure in the jewellery industry. Born on the 30th of August 1955, he proudly embraces his American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity.

Although currently residing in the vibrant city of Boca Raton, Florida, his roots trace back to the historic town of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Albert DePrisco's lineage is deeply intertwined with the illustrious DePrisco Jewelry family, a name synonymous with elegance and refinement.

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