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Alan Ball, whose birth name is Alan Erwin Ball was born in May 13, 1957. Alan birth place is located in Marietta, Georgia of United States and is 58 years old now. Alan is working as a director, producer,a s well as he is successful with his notable works in theatre and films. Mostly, Alan is remembered with his work in American Beauty as well as along in True Blood. He is also remembered with his achievement from Six Feet Under and he is also the winner of Academy Award due to his amazing work undertaken. Alan father name is Frank who was working as an aircraft inspector as well as his mother name is Mary Ball who was a home maker. The name of his older sister is Mary Ann and she was killed in the early age of 13 from car accident and during the very time he was sitting in the pa s senger seat while the incident occurred.

Alan joined University of Georgia during the very time and additionally he also studied in Florida State University for his further education from where he got graduated in the year 1980. He obtained his degree in the major subject of theater arts and he started his profession career during the time period while he was in college. In the meantime he used to work in General Nonesense Theater Company which was located in Sarasota, Floria and he was mostly appreciated by his work in the very time. Later his television work professionally started and his bio explains his work in situation comedies where he was established as writer as well as story editor within Grace Under Fire as well as in Cybill.

Alan is the deep follower of Buddhism and he proudly dictated he is a gay. Being as a strong supporter of LGBT Community he is active within the campaigns of it. Alan affair is current with Peter Macdissi and there is no any status of his married life along with the absence of spouse and children. Peter and Ball started their dating and they both are having many rumors to get married soon. Alan bio has never dictated him to fall into any controversies as well as he is currently busy along with his career as well. Alan information about personal bio and interest are totally missing in the popular pages like Wikipedia and IMBD where he claims he does not feel comfortable in sharing about his stuffs among his fans.

Alan height is 5 feet 6 inches and his weight looks much maintained compared to the pictures illustrated last year. The salary and net worth of Alan is also maintained like his looks. In the current status, the net worth of this popular screen writer is dictated to be around $20 million. 

by Bchrome, 29 Mar, 2016

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