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Mari Ramos is a famous weather correspondent who was born in Nicaragua. She, later, at the age of eight, moved to the USA along with her family. Born in 1964, Maria Augusta Ramos belongs to Brazilian heritage from Brasília, DF. Brazil. She is a weather reporter who is good at English along with a strong command in Economics. The journalist belongs to an American nationality.

The CNN newscaster and weather reporter in recent days lives in the USA and is pretty much tilted towards her culture and heritages which she inherited in Nicaragua. After completing her high school degree, she further pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and broadcasting journalism from the University of Florida. In recent days, Mari Ramos is working as a Meteorologist with a certification from Mississippi State University.

Mari Ramos is a CNN Meteorologist working in CNN Atlanta, Georgia station. She is well-known for her weather reporting roles in various CNN programs such as CNN Newsroom, News Stream, World Business Today, and the International Desk. She is a well-known journalist covering CNN/US, Headline News and Airport Network too.

Other than presenting CNN weather in English, Mari Ramos also reports on CNN en Español. She is the member of the internal a s sociation of broadcast meteorologist. Furthermore, she holds the membership of America meteorologist Association which is vital for becoming a meteorologist in The USA. Other than that she holds a membership of National a s sociation of Hispanic too.?

Musicology career

Mari Ramos graduated in music from the UNB University situated in Brazil and later moved to Paris where she studied Musicology and Electroacoustic Music at the Groupe de Recherche Musicale. She also traveled to London to study Radio Journalism and graduated from the London's famous City University. Again, in 1990, she moved to Holland and graduated in film direction and editing at The Netherlands Film and Television Academy. She finally studied at the University of Florida and started her meteorology career.

In the beginning of her career, after studying meteorology from various universities all around the world, Mari Ramos started her broadcasting career at WPLG which is an ABC affiliate local broadcasting network situated in Miami. She worked in WLPG as an intern. Her primary duties were newsgathering and writing bulletin stories for the evening sections in WLPG. Ramos also has an experience of working with The Weather Channel as a meteorologist and reporter in the Spanish language before joining CNN in 1999.?

Career and Awards for Doc u mentary directions

As Mari Ramos holds a degree in Filmography, she has also directed some of the doc u mentaries and short movies.Her work includes some well-known doc u mentaries like "Eu Acho Que o Que Eu Quero Dizer é" Which was a short doc u mentary released in 1993; "Boy e Aleid (1994); "Two Times at Home" (1996); "The Secret of the Vibrato" (1998); "Rio Um Dia em Agosto" (2002); and the feature films "Brasília, Um Dia em Fevereiro" (1995); a series of 6 short films for Dutch TV "Butterflies in Your Stomach" (1998).

For her contribution in doc u mentaries, Mari Ramos was awarded a Jury Award at the Rio Doc u mentary Festival É Tudo Verdade. Her other doc u mentary went on to earn "Desi" in 2000, which is Holland's most important doc u mentary Festival.

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