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Adrian Lester was born in 14 August 1968 who is now 47 years old in his age. Adrian was born in Birmingham, West Midlands of England and by profession he is English actor as well as writer and director successfully established name within the industry. Adrian was born with his birth name as Adrian Anthony Lester and he was the son of Monica who was professionally a medical secretary as well as he was Jamaican immigrant to England. His mother was a manager who was working within the contract cleaning company whose name is Reginald. In the early age of 9 his family got shifted to another place for their personal works.

Adrian started his acting career from the beginning of the early age of 14, he was very talented with his skills as well as he was engaged within Birmingham Youth Theatre during the very time for his acting career. Adrian also attended to Joseph Chamberlain VI Form collage for his education with the duration of 1 year as well as her completed his training of acting in 3 years as he was also joined to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts for his theatre study and training. Simultaneously he started appearing within theatre, movies and television.

Adrian personal and professional career is totally different from each other. Adrian was also into many affairs and dating during his college time. Also one of his friend mentioned that he was deeply in love with one of the girlfriends during his early time but the name of the lady was not disclosed by the person during the very time. Adrian now is the married man who is smart enough to handle all of his responsibility being as a father of his children who are 2 daughters as well as of his spouse whose name is Lolita Chakrabarti. Lolita also stated in one of the interview that, Adrian is an amazing husband and she is very lucky and thankful to god of having him as her husband in her life. Adrian also dictated Lolita as an amazing wife. There is no any past calculation of divorce among the previous information of Adrian and also now he is no any planning to give a divorce to Lolita. Adrian loves travelling a lot and he is very fond of listening music during his free time. Further, he also loves taking his wife and children out for shopping during the leisure time.

Adrian is 6 feet 2 and half inch tall in his height and within his pictures he seems so handsome and well balanced in his weight as well as proper forming in his body structure. Adrian along with this his bio is very successful and capable enough in the salary to make is family stable with the net worth of around thousands of American dollars estimated.

by sanjeet, 27 Jan, 2016

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