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Adam Yamaguchi is a young Asian-American journalist, producer and television correspondent. He is famous for producing the ‘Vanguard’, a doc u mentary series on Current TV. Current TV was founded by Al Gore, former US Vice-president. Adam Yamaguchi also produces 'The Henry Ford's innovation Nation' of 2014, 'Wealth of the Poor' in 2007 and the 'Boiling Point' in 2007.

He has won Emmy Award for 'The Henry Ford Innovation Nation(2014) and shared with Bryan Curb (executive producer), David Doyle (executive producer), Dave Morgan (executive producer), Jim Lichtenstein (co-executive producer), Peter Sniderman (co-executive producer), Stephanie Himango (producer), John Murphy (producer), Jane Bloom (line producer), Mo Rocca (host), Alie Ward (correspondent). He has had two Emmy Nomination and one International Doc u mentary Association (IDA) nomination. He is an American nationality and a Japanese descent ethnically.

He attended University of California, Los Angeles and received Economics and Communication Degree. During his time at UCLA, he worked as editor-in-chief of the Daily Bruin, a daily Newspaper for the students. He later worked for Fox Sports, CNN, and TV Asahi Japan. He also writes as a freelancer for many agencies and travels around the world in search of stories.

Yamaguchi has covered several important events such as Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, the 2000 Presidential election, and the September 11 attacks. He also covered international conflicts like wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, indigenous cultures of amazon, Argentina's economic collapse, Japanese suicide, Korean defectors, Global Warming, Aids in Cuba, free press in the middle east and lastly HIV/AIDS in India.

He travels to Colombia and Bolivia to produce a series on coca cultivation and changing attitudes against U.S policy. Moving on to his personal life, apart from his professional career. He is a handsome guy with an attractive and stunning face. Although, he does not expose most of his private life. Yamaguchi is a humble man and a friendly person with a great personality.

He maintains his body fit and fine by working out every day. Many women are crazy to see his shirtless picture. One of his fans commented about him saying “He is so worked out and sexy. I would love to see him do some reporting without his shirt.”

Not only women are crazy about him, even men like to see him without his shirt, “Adam Yamaguchi is so physically tight, good looking, and sexy it’s borderline criminal. What I wouldn’t give for a wrestling match or a night between the sheets with him. He is definitely one of my main man-crushes right now” says Kevin Scott Marcus on one blog post.

He has million of fans around the globe. However, no source claims that Yamaguchi is married. He probably would have been related to many women in his life for sure. Unfortunately, there is no such information about who he dated in the past years neither who he is dating currently. We don't know exactly how much his net worth or salary is, but we believe that he is earning enough to enjoy a luxurious life.You can follow him on Twitter.

by sanjeet, 04 Jul, 2016

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