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Adam Beach is a Canadian actor best known for his role as Victor in Smoke Signals and Tommy in Walker. He was born in Ashern, Manitoba, Canada so he is Indian-American. On his early years, Beach lived with his two brothers at Dog Creek first Nations Reserve in Manitoba. Sally Beach, Adam's mother who was eight months pregnant with a baby girl, was killed by a drunk driver whereas after eight weeks of the incident, Beach's father drowned in the nearby community. The incident till date is not clear whether an accident or a suicide was. Then, Beach lived with his uncle and aunt from the age of 8-12 along with his two brothers. Since he lost his father at an early age, he referred his uncle as dad.

Beach actually started his career in theatres and TV shows. He started his career with a role in the miniseries, Lost in the barrens based on a Farley Mowat at the age of 18 after attending a drama cla s s at Gordon Bell High School He continued his work in theatres and later starred in television shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and Touched By An Angel. After a while Beach appeared regular in the TV shows like North of 60 and The Rez. After spending a few years in theatre, Beach came into movies and got his first breakout movie by Chris Eyre which was Smoke Signals in 2002.This movie was nominated for Grand Jury price at the Sundance film Festival. He was told by everyone to find a real job and quit his acting so he himself told he could be a carpenter or something. But Beach continued working in this field and had small roles on the go before he was established as a recognized artist. He acted in a Disney feature film in 1993 which was Squanto: A Warriors Tale. Later in 1994 he starred in a Norman Jewison film, Dance Me Outside. But after Beaches’ Smoke Signals, there was no turning back for him. He starred in movies like Suicide Squad, Windtalkers, Flags Of Our Fathers, Cowboys And Aliens and so on. He was also involved in the programs like motivational speaking on several occasions so also known as a motivational speaker.

Beach has been married twice in his life and has three children, two sons Noah (born 1996) and Luke (born 1998) and a daughter Pheonix. The two boys were born from his first wife Meredith Porter with whom his marriage lasted from 1999 to 2002 whereas he had no children. After the divorce from his first wife he married his second wife, who was Tara Mason. His second marriage was held on 2003, but the two separated very soon. He was divorced again in a small span of time after his second marriage, later in 2008, Beache's domestic partner Summer Tiger gave birth to a daughter, Phoenix. Beach later began dating with his girlfriend; Leah Gibson who was his co star on Arctic Air In a Huffington Post interview, Beach stated that the two met each other on set.

There are no rumors and controversies however in Beach's career so far. No specific brands are mentioned to be used or promoted by Adam Beach so far. He is highly involved with charities that are related with street children.

Beach's height is exactly 6 ft and the net worth is near about 2 million a year which is supposed to get higher in accordance with the roles offered to him. No clear mentions of agreements with any brands are found out to be done or signed by the celebrity so far.

Adam beach has his website for interaction and news. Likewise he is also active in Twitter with 17.2 K followers in his personal account.


by sanjeet, 30 Nov, 2015

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