57 Years Tracy Grimshaw is Living Happily with her Husband and Children,Who is her husband?

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There is no greater happiness than being accepted yourself for who you are. Just a few decades ago, coming out as a homosexual was frowned upon, it is not all that great now, but certainly much better.

Tracy Grimshaw, the popular Australian journalist and television presenter is the great example for all lesbians lovers out there! She currently hosts the popular show Current Affair. Curious to know more about Tracy Grimshaw’s personal life, relationship, and affairs, we have exclusive details for you!

Is Journalist Tracy Grimshaw Married?

Tracy Grimshaw keeps low on her privet life. She is unmarried and isn't involve in romantic affairs right now. She is openly gay and revealed her sexuality in 2009. According to a source, she was involved in sexual activities during her school camp and later turned out as a lesbian.

Tracy Grimshaw, Source: AU News

She was pulled to controversy in an Award ceremony while she was walking naked and shirtless there. Previously she was allegedly married to Chef Gordon Ramsay. After their separation, Gordon has married another woman Tana Ramsay since 1996 and they have been happily married ever since.

In 2004, she was in a relationship with Julia Morris and he punched on her face in small issue. Because of this, she was sentenced to 6 months and her partner Martha Stewart released her from the jail. Reportedly she had an affair with Deborah Hutton in the past. However, they never confirmed this news.

Tracy is pretty active on Twitter and according to her Twitter bio, she is an animal lover. She frequently shares animal pictures via her Twitter.

What is Tracy Grimshaw currently doing?

Tracy currently hosts the Current Affair on the Nine News Network. In 2006, she became the main presenter of the show replacing Ray Martin. Ever since she has been presenting the show. When she is on leave, her co-hosts Lelia McKinnon serves as a fill-in anchor.

She is linked with the Nine News from over the tree decade. In 1981, she started her reporting career from the network. After few years working as a reporter, she got promoted to a presenter of news bulletins.

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In November 1996, she began hosting The Today alongside Steve Liebmann, she held the position till 2005 and left the show.

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During her tenure, she has interviewed several celebs like Ellen Degeneres and Todd Russell.

Quick Facts About Tracy Grimshaw:

  • She was born on 3 June 1960.
  • Her mother was Barbara Grimshaw.
  • She is a native of Melbourne Australia.
  • She is an ASSG Award winning journalist.

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