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Angel Fabian Di Maria Hernandez known as Angel Di Maria was born in 14 February 1988 and he is currently 27 years old and was born in Rosario Argentina. Professionally Angel is a football player and he is playing for the French Club. The name of this club is Paris Saint Germain. Additionally he is also engaged with Argentina national team. His playing position is Winger Attacking midfielder. Angel is the middle child out of the 3 children of his parents whose names are Miguel and Diana. Angel spent his early childhood in Perdriel. He was active in his childhood therefore; he was mentioned into football during his early age of 3.

After linking himself in the football in the age of 3, later during the age of 4 he was into the Rostario Central for his further football playing. Angel also started playing for the local clubs and he was given with 35 footballs during the very time by Torito as his compensation. The professional entry of Angel was started in 14, December 2005. Similarly, his entry in Real Madrid during the year 2010 was also a great entry of success in his life during his professional career with 25 million of net worth in average.

Angel was also named with his nick code “Fideo”. The meaning of this name is noodle in the Spanish version. Angel is also the holder of the Italian pa s sport. This is because he is the belonging from the Italian descent. Angel had many affairs in his life, but he married with his girlfriend after a long dating. The name of Angel’s wife is Jorgelina and they are now living as a happy spouse. Angel is having a wonderful married life as they got married in the year 2011. Angel and his wife are now the parents of their child who is a daughter who they named as Mia. This daughter was born as in 3 months of prematurity and with high focus and better treatment she got survived with the regular follow up of the treatment. Angel is planning to have children very soon as the rumor spread across but they have not made any random planning for another baby. 

Angel is also providing some of the sum of money to one of the social charity working for the infants and homeless child. He is providing financial support for the better career and future of the children.

Angel is 5 feet 11 inch tall in his height and his weight is proper and perfect in order due to his proper balanced food. The salary of Angel is more than a million of amount and his net worth is equally eye cashing and increasing compared to the previous years. Currently, in the present time the net worth of Angel is 7.28 million GBP.

by Bchrome, 14 Jan, 2016

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