Uncover the weird news of homosexual men begetting babies in the USA

Published on : 2016-08-09 Last Updated : 2016-08-16

Oh my God! Have you ever heard that a man can give birth? First time ever in the history of human races a man gave birth to a child, that seems impossible but a man from the United States made the Word impossible to “I M Possible”.

A homosexual man, Thomas Beatie heated the headlines in 2007 for being the world’s first pregnant man and till now he has given birth to three babies. During his interview on 2008, he said Pregnancy is just a process and it doesn’t define him. It’s not about male and female. This is all about the human desire and argue that he have the right to have his own biological child. He had changed his reproductive organs in 2007.

According to the stats of 2013-14, 22 male from Australia and 16 male south wales has given birth to a child. He thinks himself a motivation to males who wants to have their own biological child.

Science has really changed the face of the world and proved nothing is impossible. If you desire and started to do until it's done, you'll surely achieve your destiny. yesterday you just thought about those things and today science has done it.

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