Nia Malika Henderson Biography

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Nia Malika Henderson

Facts of Nia Malika Henderson

Birth Nation: United States of America
Name Nia Malika Henderson
Birth Name Nia Malika Henderson
Nationality American
Birth Place/City United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Profession Political reporter
Working For Television
Net Worth $5 million
Salary $100 thousand
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affair with Glenn Beck
Boyfriend Glenn Beck
Married Unknown
Education Duke University, Columbia University, Yale University

Nia-Malika Henderson has established herself for being a senior political reporter who has had her endeavors sought after in the CNN.


Nia-Malika Henderson has established herself as a senior political reporter who has made her name in the journalism fraternity for her endeavors in identity politics. She is a personality of black ethnicity and her nationality is American.

Early Life

Nia-Malika Henderson was enrolled in the Duke University for her education. Her educational benefits also include obtaining a master’s degree in the Yale University whereby she obtained a degree in American Studies. She has also been enrolled in Columbia University whereby she obtained a degree in journalism.


Nia-Malika Henderson’s career started off with The Washington Post. She was a national political reporter for the magazine whereby she covered major events of the White House. Her contributions include the coverage of the 2012 Election blog, the presidential campaign of the same year and the mid-term elections of 2010. She has also been known for her coverage of the Obama administration in the first two years.

Nia-Malika Henderson was also the lead reporter responsible for the mirage of Obama;s 2008 campaign. She has also been known for the coverage of the Democratic primary race as well as the Democratic National convention.

Other endeavors of Nia includes writing for The Baltimore Sun which was pretty well received. She also joined the Newsday’s national staff. Nia-Malika Henderson is now known for her work in the CNN. She has established herself for covering the 2016 presidential elections. She has reported for the campaigns in digital and television platforms of the CNN and has been extensively appreciated for her efforts.

Personal Life

Nia-Malika Henderson seems to be a pretty secretive personality when it comes to her personal life. She has managed to appear on the screen and exude her beauty and potential in front of the public but it seems that she is single as of now. This beauty has never been married and has no children yet.

This beauty is of age and yet without a husband and this has made rumors about her having a boyfriend, always be on the go. She was rumored to be dating Glenn Beck. It has also been rumored that Gleen is her secret husband. However, none of these rumors ring truth to it and it seems that Nia-Malika Henderson is actually single. it sure can be hoped that more information about her personal life becomes available to the public in the time to come.

Net Worth and Salary

Nia-Malika Henderson’s net worth has been known to be a whopping 5 million dollars according to sources. It has also been estimated that she earns a whopping 100 thousand dollars salary on a daily basis and this has made her name well established in the journalism sector.

Last modified : 20 January, 2017

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