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Mike Bushell Biography

Mike Bushell
  • Birth Nation: United Kingdom
  • Name: Mike Bushell
  • Nationality: British/English
  • Ethnicity: White Ethnicity
  • Profession: Sports presenter
  • Working For: BBC
  • Married: Yes
  • Married to: Kim
  • Children: Lucy, Isabel and Sophie
  • Divorce: Yes
  • Education: Granby High School
  • Online Presence: Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, Instagram
  • 11

He has been simply outstanding with his work and has won millions of hearts worldwide. His presentation skills are just wonderful to say the least and currently he is working for the mighty BBC. He is one of the most popular sports presenters in the world and his cute smile and presentation skills have got him a huge fan base. He is none other than Mike Bushell.

His career has been a wonderful one and it is all his dedication and passion which has lad him this up in his career. He spent his teenage days in a very popular place called Yorkshire but however he was not fully from there as he was spending his early days in Hertfordshire. He was a wonderful kid and showed the signs of becoming a superstar from his childhood. He was very young as he was only 8 years old when he decided to make a newspaper of his own and named it as Daily Owl. He used to sell that newspaper to his friends for 1p only. He went to the college called King Alfred's College for his degree and it was a 2:1 in the field of drama and TV. Currently he is working for the mighty channel called BBC and he hosts a show called BBC Breakfast. His show is loved by the audiences all over the world and this show of his has taken his fame to the highest level. He also worked for another branch of BBC which was called the BBC South Today and later on he got his show the BBC Breakfast.

His personal life has had its ups and downs and highs and lows. He was married to his childhood sweetheart whose name was Kim. Sadly their relationship was not meant forever and the couple had to break up. After a very long relationship the couple went through the process of divorce and ended their relationship. He has a total of three children and their names are Lucy, Isabel and the last one is Sophie. He took great care of his wife when his first daughter was born and he did the same for the next two also. He was very committed to his family but sadly could not save his marriage with Kim and this was real hard times for him. He is a superstar now and has great earnings which mean he can marry another woman but till now he might have not found the perfect person to make him feel perfect again.

He is very popular and very engaged in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. He has 22.7 thousand followers in Twitter and this proves his stardom in the site. He has already tweeted 10.2 thousand times and this proves his involvement too.   

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