Lisa Boothe Biography

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Lisa Boothe

Facts of Lisa Boothe

Birth Nation: United States of America
Name Lisa Boothe
Birth Name Lisa Boothe
Nationality American
Birth Place/City West Virginia
Ethnicity White
Profession Business Women
Eye Color Light-Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Face Color White
Body Measurements Unknown
Affair with Unknown
Boyfriend Unknown
Married Unknown

As beautiful and smart Lisa Boothe is, she is equally a strong and independent woman who, you might not believe, is much more powerful and resourceful than you can think.


With her political ties at top levels, Lisa Boothe is known as the founder of High Noon Strategies, a communication firm which was established in recent years. Besides that, she also used to work as the vice- president for Black Rock Group, which is an American global investment management corporation and has over 12 thousand employees overall. Obviously, a woman who can work and manage such a large company is capable of almost anything in the business world.

Political Career

Lisa Boothe's political career can be linked back through her family as well. However,  she herself got involved in political since 2010 and when the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) helped the United States House of Representatives, she was on the team too. Boosted by that, she started to work as the spokesperson for Sandy Adams in the congress election, 2012.

In addition to that, Lisa Boothe was also the front woman in the senator race election for Tommy Thompson. Her stay at Capitol Hill for developing communication tactics for some political people like Mark Meadows (R-NC), and Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV). TO find more wiki on her biography and stuff, you can visit her official website. 

Personal Life

There is not a lot of information regarding Lisa Boothe’s personal life and her lack of information on the birth date makes it hard to guess what age she currently is. However, some sites state that she was born on 26th of October, 1977 in Ohio, West Virginia but was raised in Washington D.C. Despite the lack of information about her past life or family, we can say that she was born in a well to do family and belongs to white ethnicity. She is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and has a degree in political communications as well as business.

It seems like, despite her success in professional life, Lisa hasn’t had much success in her personal life. There are no reports when it comes to her net worth or her dating life and we are sure that she has got no boyfriend or husband till now.

At her 40s now, Lisa is definitely not married and has got no kids as a result. We understand that some people don’t want to share their information to the media, but Lisa is in no position to do so because of her popularity. With her tall and sexy figure, it is hard to assume that she is a political strategist and not a model or a TV personality.

We don’t have to speak about her fame and fan following as you can find it by looking at her Twitter account; where there are over 21 thousand followers. Also, you can follow her on her official Instagram account to find out more on her upcoming events.

Last modified : 03 March, 2017

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