Zayn Malik is rumoured to be cheating his girlfriend with his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards

Are Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid on the verge of a separation? Appearances can trick. Notwithstanding how cheerful Gigi Hadid and previous One Direction artist, Zayn Malik show up on online networking, another report uncovers that they couple has been battling constant in the background, and the chances of them staying together any longer are thin to none. 

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are one of Young Hollywood's most sultry couples – however in secret, the performer and model have been purportedly battling like a madhouse. The current week's release of Life and Style Magazine uncovers that Zayn and Gigi's most concerning issue is his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards, he won't quit conversing with her! 

An inside source dished to Life and Style Magazine, "Gigi continues discovering Zayn conversing with his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards." Apparently, their show even, however, a damper on Hadid's 21st birthday festivity – the Victoria's Secret model and Zayn Malik had a huge battle about Perrie just before the enormous party! 

The tabloid's inside source went ahead to say, "Zayn is simply not certain he can completely focus on her. He's making the most of his notoriety and might need to keep his dating choices open. They're certainly on the stones." In Zayn Malik's resistance, he was involved with Perrie Edwards for a long time, and afterward directly after their separation, he dove head first into an a s sociation with Gigi Hadid. He's been secured for quite a while, perhaps he simply needs a tiny bit of opportunity. 

Notwithstanding, Gigi Hadid has obviously given Zayn Malik a final proposal. In the event that she discovers him conversing with his ex once again … it's OVER. Unfortunately, we don't generally see this couple enduring the mid-year. What do you all think? It is safe to say that this is the start of the end for Malik and Hadid? Share your contemplations in the remarks beneath!


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