Who is Cheryl Scott Dating Currently?Check it Out her Relationship and Dating Rumors

News by Saburo Published on 19 Apr,2017 Updated on 19 Apr,2017

Cheryl Scott is a meteorologist who is very devoted towards her work due to which her personal life has always been under the radar.

There are many who known her well from her work but there are only few who know about her love life, relationships and all.

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Cheryl Scott's relationship

Cheryl Scott well-known as a meteorologist has always managed to keep her personal life to herself. Due to which there has always been some speculation about her love affairs from the beginning.

In 2015-2016 Scott was seen with a guy named Josh Iachelli who is an owner of Homeslice Pizza, Lincoln Park and co-owner of The Happy Camper.

Josh Iachelli and Cheryl Scott

Josh Iachelli and Cheryl Scott


The relationship of Cheryl Scott and Josh Iachelli was the hottest topic at that time as there were some photos of these two together.

One from 2015;


Everyone ate well last night. #byof #sailfish @cherylscottwx

A post shared by Josh Iachelli (@joshiachelli) on

Another from 2016


I win! Great job @cherylscottwx

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And another one from 2016 as well.

But later there were no photos of them together and now, in 2017, we can see Scoot with another guy in most of the events.

And there are some assumptions that, Scott is in a relationship with this new guy named Dante. Only photos of Scoot and Dante is seen together but no any information is known about it.

Cheryl Scoot with the new boyfriend on Instagram


Ladies & gents... you're #acmawards #dj @primadante

A post shared by Cheryl Scott (@cherylscottwx) on

This is not the first time she was spotted with this guy. From Instagram, we come to know that, this guy surprised her on Valentine's day too.

Could he be the guy who she is hiding from the world or Is he just a friend?

Cheryl Scoot was with Dante (the guy in the photos of Instagram) Instagram name primadante

And another one from Scott's birthday

Birthday again

From a game


This crew... @feitelberg @akilah108 (@primadante included bc I'm nice)

A post shared by Cheryl Scott (@cherylscottwx) on

With all those photos together, it is certain that Dante is her boyfriend but nothing more is known about this guy as Scott is among those who likes to keep her personal life to herself.

But we can not say anything until and unless she makes everything official. She is yet to make any decision about personal life.