When did Andi Petrillo get married? How did she meet her husband?

Andr Petrillo, a Canadian sports broadcaster, is married to current Toronto FC's coach Jon Conway. They say people can find love anywhere. And with Andi’s marriage, it seems like you can find love at work too.

Andri and Conway met while she was working for the TFC as the sideline reporter. This sports duo got married on September 7, 2012.

How did Andi Petrillo meet her husband? (The complete story)

We all know how accomplished Andri's professional life is. She is the first-ever female to serve full time for the studio team of Hockey Night in Canada. It is no wonder she excels in her personal life as well.

When she met her now-husband Jon Conway, she was the sideline reporter for TFC and Conway was the goalkeeper for the team. Post City Toronto also revealed that the first time Andi and John met, they were on a road trip to Salt Lake City for a game.

 Andi recalls that it was a tiny charter and she couldn't stop laughing seeing 6'5'' Jon Conway trying to adjust in such a tiny charter. This could be the plot for a romantic movie.

Oh! And it gets better and better. Andi also said that she introduced herself later but Jon was quite aloof. How did this romance even happen then? Didn't I say this was a movie like? Well, you know now. 

Jon Conway bought groceries every night just so he could say hello to Andi? Really?

Often called the ‘Hockey Goddess’ by her fans, Andi had no idea how much Jon Conway really fancied her before that one night. Hold on! We are getting there.

Andi was hosting for the Leafs and Raptors game on the concourse at gate 5. Jon's condo was near and he'd always stop by and bang on the window while on his way to the grocery store, say hi to Andi, and leave. Andi was surprised thinking why Jon would need to buy a bag of groceries every night.

Jon, on the other hand, was pretending to buy groceries every night so he could see Andi. And one night, yes we got there, Andi couldn't hear Jon's knock. 

Turns out Jon was just waiting there as Andi didn't hear him knock. He waited until her floor director noticed and told Andi. When she saw John, he was all wrapped out in coat, gloves, scarf, boots, and hat standing out of the window in dead winter. He had been there for quite some time. Needless to say, they started dating.

When and how did Conway and Petrillo get married?

They knew they wanted to marry after just 5 months of dating each other. Jon proposed to Andi after a fun-filled weekend where they enjoyed playing hockey and soccer.

Andi was ready for a dinner date and when she asked if she looked okay Jon took the opportunity to say something was missing. Then, Andi saw Jon go down on his knees to propose. 

They got married on 7th of September in 2012 in Ontario. Andi recalls dancing the night away after their wedding ceremony.

They left for their wedding the next day of their wedding. What was their honeymoon destination? They honeymooned at Bali in Indonesia. We wish this romantic couple a great married life ahead!


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