What's Lauren Simonetti Net Worth? Know her annual salary and success in her reporting career

News by Clarence Published on 29 Nov,2016 Updated on 05 Feb,2017

Lauren Simonetti is a genius news reporter and anchor for Fox News Network who resides in Manhatten, New York. She can be seen every day reporting on Fox Business News (FBN).

Lauren Simonetti' success in reporting career

32-year-old Lauren began her professional TV career with the show called "Lou Dobbs Tonight". Right away after the show, she  worked as a freelancer for CNN and as an associate producer for CNN International. Lauren served CNN as a news writer, field reporter, and a contributor. She joined Fox Business Network as a field producer and slowly moved to the designation as a reporter.

                                   Fox Business Network's reporter Lauren Simonetti

Simonetti served for Fox news network since September 2007 being an active reporter for the network. She also served as a financial reporter and contributor  for Fox in 'Good Day New York'. In September 2001, Simonetti co-operated as a general reporter for everything associated with financial matters. 

Lauren covered major news about the economic and market news such as 2008 financial market crisis, the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers, and the impact of the Gulf oil spill. Simonetti is also a member of the New York Financial Writer’s Association.

Simonetti carried out interviews with varied people such as the New York Stock Exchange’s head, the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Lauren Simonetti salary and Net Worth

The wedding expenses for Lauren and her husband Mark Cubrilo was roughly around $100000. Mark Cubrilo is a satellite engineer and works in Fox News Channel. Her apartment with a condo and the antique dressing table including the king size table alone costs around $2000 dollars..

Lauren lives in Manhatten's peaceful  home with a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. She gets paid around $45000 by Fox News Network for numerous events she hosts. The Gorgeous Lauren Simonetti's net worth is estimated to be US $ 5 million. Her salary details are not revealed yet to the public. However, it is assumed that the channel is be paying her well.