What are the sources of correspondent Catherine Herridge's income? Know about her salary & net worth

Catherine Herridge is a well-known journalist of America who works as a Chief Intelligence Correspondent for the leading Fox News Channel. Previously, she served in ABC News and worked as a field reporter for Fox News Magazine. She earns large amount from her profession. 

Catherine Herridge's Net Worth and Salary

Journalist Catherine has been working in this field for last 20 years and till now she is able to collect a huge amount from her profession. According to a solid data, she has maintained a net worth of $10 million.

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Also, she receives an annual salary of $100K from the agency. Apart from this profession, she also earns large amount as a royalty from her books.

Catherine's Journalism Career

After her graduation, Catherine started to work as a London-based correspondent for ABC News Channel. Then, she joined Fox News Channel in 1996 and began to work as a London-based reporter. Since then, she has been working for the Fox News Channel. She has reported not only within the USA but also from Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Israel and Guantanamo Bay.

Catherine Herridge while reporting in the FNC's 'Now Now'

During her tenure, Catherine has reported many major stories including Mrs.Clinton’s campaign for Senate 2000, the 2004 Democratic presidential elections and the Washington, D.C. sniper story Moussaoui.

Journalist Catherine Herridge

Furthermore, Catherine secured Hillary Clinton's Senate crusade in 2000. She was also a New York-based reporter for the Fox newsmagazine 'Fox Files', where she used to cover examinations concerning Medicare misrepresentation, a doctor prescribed medication ill-use and youngster prostitution. Here are the five facts about Catherine Herridge, please watch below the video.

Catherine was awarded the Bronze World Medal from the New York Festivals, with respect to her incredibleness in interchanges media. Besides this, she has also published a book named 'The Next Wave' in 2011.

Catherine's short Bio

52-year-old Catherine keeps her private life very secret. This lady has landed her heart to his husband JD Hayes. This couple also has two sons who are living with them. Catherine manages her professional and personal life smoothly.


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