Trump Urges Truck Drivers To Have Accident Free Roads And Drive Responsibly

The POTUS Donald Trump sat in a truck and blew horn thoroughly. Well, recently there was a meeting between truck drivers’ representative and the president of the United States.

In the meeting, Trump stated, “Nobody knows America as much u people do.  U watch America every day. U watch those port holes which had to be repaired, every day.”



The meeting was held on Thursday. There were two big trucks parked outside the white house. One had got the US flag while the other had a picture of a child with words “like my dad, 70 hundred thousand people will take America ahead” written on it. 

The CEO of truck industry companies along with drivers were there at the meeting. Taking his point of accident-free roads, he asked both of them, “who is going to make America bigger either you or you.” 

Donald Trump praised drivers for their dedication to work and said, “Nobody in America knows America better than you people.”



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