Seven Unnerving Nazi Experiments On Human

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What Nazi did during the World War II still frightens us and their crime and cruelty are what made them so infamous. The Adolf Hitler led union Nazi was the causing factor in World War II. But not only the Nazis terrorized the outer world but there also happened wretched and inhumane things in the concentration campsm, to which most of the people are still unknown.

Inmates were used as subjects for the several new experiments that were excruciatingly painful and most of the time resulted in death. Today we have 7 horrific cases of insane human experiments inside Nazi.

7. Sterilization Experiments

Nazis' doctors conducted mass sterilization experiments on inmates in several different camps to find the best and the easiest method that took the least time and money.

Source: List Verse

In another series of experiments, a chemical irritant experimented into the females. The doctors introduced the chemicals into the female reproductive organs to block the fallopian tubes. Some women died due to the effect of the chemical while other women were killed so that the autopsies could be performed on them.

Later, inmates were exposed to the excess of X-rays which caused severe burns on their stomachs, groins, and buttocks. They were left with untreatable sores as well.

6. Freezing And Hypothermia Experiments

The German soldiers were facing cold-related sickness on the Eastern Front, and thousands of soldiers died because of it. Later, Dr. Sigmund Rascher conducted series of experiments to determine the time taken to lower body temperature and cause death and more importantly the method to revive those who have been frozen.

In this experiment, Nazi took the petrifying procedure. The naked inmates were either put in an icy vat of water or locked out in subzero temp. Most of the soldiers died in the experiment and those who merely lost consciousness underwent painful resuscitation procedures.

In resuscitation process, the unconscious armies were forced to copulate with women, placed under scorching sunlamps, irrigated internally with boiling water. One of the methods they used to revive the subjects was placing them in warm baths which proved to the most efficient method as well.

5. Seawater Experiments

Nazis experimented to make seawater drinkable over a number of their armies at Dachau. The armies were divided into four groups in which they were passed through four different conditions; no water, seawater, seawater processed by the Berka method, and seawater without salt.

Source: List Verse

Moreover, the subjects were not given any food or drink other than what was assigned to their group. Those who were provided with seawater only ended up suffering from severe diarrhea, convulsions, madness, hallucinations and eventual death. 

Additionally, they were given either spinal or liver taps to gather data. The torturous process ended in death in most of the cases.

4. Spotted Fever Experiments

Physicians at Buchenwald and Natzweiler concentration camps conducted experiments on inmates for the effectiveness of spotted fever and other vaccines. The doctors conducted the experiments from 1941 to early 1945.

Over two third of the subjects were given trial vaccines for spotted fever or with other chemical substances. Later, they were injected with the virus which resulted in the death of around 90 percent of subjects.

Later the same virus was injected into the remaining one-third armies without any prior protection which led them to death as well. Additionally, the physicians conducted experiments associated with smallpox, typhus, yellow fever, and other diseases. As a result, hundreds of inmates died, and many more suffered unbearable pain.

3. Incendiary Bomb Experiments

Inmates at Buchenwald concentration camp experimented to test the effectiveness of pharmaceutical remedies on phosphorous burns inflicted by incendiary bombs. The armies were severely burned with phosphorus matter. Most of the inmates suffered the severe injury while some of them died.

2. Blood Coagulation Experiments

Dr. Sigmund Rascher conducted blood coagulation experiments on patients at Dachau concentration camp. The doctor had made a tablet, Polygal using beet and apple pectin. The tablet was believed to stop the bleeding from wounds in combat or surgery.

Source: Daily Mail

Each of the inmates was given a tablet and then shot in the neck or chest to test the effectiveness of the tablet. Later on, Dr. Sigmund went on to amputate inmates' limbs without any use of anesthesia. Afterwards, Dr. Rascher established a manufacturing company to manufacture the tablets with the inmates as workers.

1. Experiments With Poison

Many soldiers in the Buchenwald concentration camp were supplied with different kinds of poisons to determine the effect on human beings. In 1943, the poisons were secretly given to the inmates. 

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The inmates were given the poisoned food which killed many of them directly. On the other hand, many of the inmates were killed for the sake of the autopsies. Even worse, the inmates were shot with poison-laced bullets for faster data collection which suffered the victims tremendously and in most of the cases, the inmates died immediately