The luxury house in Manhattan and net worth of $80m makes Barbara Corcoran richer and richer

Barbara Corcoran is an American businesswoman, speaker, author, columnist, television personality, and investor who is a “Shark” investor on ABC’s Shark Tank. She is the founder of her own real estate business called The Corcoran Group.

She has invested in more than 20 businesses and is the columnist for New York Daily News, More Magazine etc. She also serves as a contributor for NBC’s Today and is the host of Millionaire Broker on CNBC.

Barbara Corcoran’s Net worth and sources of income

Barbara Corcoran has the net worth expected to be around $80 million. As of 2012, her net worth was about $40 million dollar but has increased quickly in short interval. Some sites have even mentioned her net worth to be around $90 million.

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Barbara had a very hard childhood as she was one of the ten children of her parents. Her life changed after she took $1,000 loan from her boyfriend and started a real estate company. She founded The Corcoran-Simone Group which was widely successful. She sold her company for $66 million in 2001. Her company, Corcoran group is now a $5 billion company being one of the largest real estate firms in America.


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Barbara, who is currently married to Bill Higgins, earns about $40 million per year from her business, Shark Tank Episodes, and public appearances. She appears on Shark Tank along with Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Mark Cuban etc and is directed by Mark Burnett. Barbara and Donald Trump started their real estate business together. She also recalled the memory and told that she had never met a better salesman like Trump in her life.

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Barbara recently bought a very beautiful Upper East Side penthouse for $10 million at 1158 Fifth Ave. It consists of a gorgeous terrace, solarium, and conservatory. Previously, she was residing in an apartment in New York bought 15 years ago. They sold it recently in 2016 for $4.87 million.

Barbara Corcoran’s short bio

Barbara is an American businesswoman, investor, and television personality. She is a graduate of St. Thomas College with a degree in education. She left 20 other jobs before starting her own real estate business.

She currently serves as a columnist for various magazines and is the author of several books. Barbara also works as a real estate contributor to NBC’s Today and hosted The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran on CNBC


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