You Tube Make up Guru

YouTube Make up Gurus are the persons who makes a tutorial on make ups teaching different ways of make over from head to toe via implications of various cosmetic products uploading the tutorial videos in You Tube.. These tutorials made by the efforts of makeup Gurus are very appreciable as it minimizes the cost and time going to the parlor for the makeup do-os. They help you being creative any you can apply any of the make ups you find is nice on you. The You Tube makeup gurus makes the you tube video where they put on the different make up styles and ways to do so in the video and upload them for the users. It is actually very helpful and knowledgeous. It gives ideas to the users as well. There are many you tube make up gurus. You can just type any of the tags that’s best suit on you or you desire to watch. There are list of names of makeup gurus and the videos of their work. You can simply have a look on your desired one. As myself being an Asian, a Nepalese, I personally like the make up tutorials by Promise Phan. I have applied in many on myself as well. Not because she is a Nepalese/Asian but she really explains the ways of makeover with the names and use of cosmetics products and i too have asian face structures as well.