Visual Artist

Visual Artist is a person who works on visual art such as painting, photography, sculpture, etc that appeals the visual sense of the audiences. As the definition suggest, a visual artist can be a photographer, painter, etc. It is a very creative work that requires lots of skill, observation and patience. With the advancement in science and technology and modern thoughts, there is a wide range to describe on a Visual artist. From a graffiti maker to architecture, video maker to filmmaking are known as visual artists. Visual Artists can be called as the culture and tradition enhancer as they reflect their subject in their work. Visual artists are the one who has given the world with their works so that the world can talk about the art history, know the life styles of people back then and compare with the present. Visual artists has given the memory to the world where some of the work has been the masterpeice even today that are invaluable.

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap

31 May, 2014