Photography is the art and practice of taking photographs using a device known as Camera. Photography needs focus, observation and a topic. Photography is one of a kind of Visual arts. It appeals the sense of audience seeing it. Photography has many uses in different sectors. It has been the hobby for many of the people and profession to many. A person who is involved in Photography is knows as photographer.  Photography is not just limited to taking photos but also to define the object or thing or the observation in best way. It is one of the new media forms that changes the views and perception of the people. Photogrpahy now has become a very reputed profession and is one of the best means of advertisement. Photogrpahy is a skill and knowledge that bestowed the features of any clicks it does with the camera. With the advancement in technology, there has been various cameras used that gives the best presentation of the image adjusting the lights, effects and other settings of the image with the camera.