Bosnia is an eponymous region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia is an informal use for the whole country Bosnia and Herzegovina. It encompasses approximately 80% of the country in the north and remaining part is the Herzegovina. The official use of both regions name started being in use since Ottoman-rule. Bosnia lies in the Dinaric Alps. Bosnia comprises of 41,000 sq km. Sarajevo is the largest city in Bosnia.

Bosnia is a naturally very beautiful country. Bosnia lies in the Europe. It lies next to the Adriatic Sea. It shares its border with Croatia in the south and Serbia in the west. It is one of the least populous countries in the world having the total population of less than half of that of London. The country was affected by the world wars of both the times. Bosnia is culturally as well as historically rich country. Bosnia and Herzegovina has earned its fame in international Men’s Football as one of the strong teams. Bosnia has been projected to have the third highest tourism growth rate in the world in between 1995 and 2020. It has unique culture, cuisine, winter sports, architecture and its festivals in the Southeastern Europe. People of Bosnia and Herzegovina are called Bosnian.