Sportscaster Jade McCarthy's Life After ESPN Fired Her During Her Pregnancy, Exclusive Details

How does getting fired from your job while pregnant sound? Jade McCarthy who is an American sportscaster knows how difficult that can be.

The former anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter and NESN Daily on NESN, McCarthy is one of those 100 employees of ESPN who were laid off by ESPN a month ago. 

How is McCarthy's life after being fired from ESPN, she was pregnant after all! We have all the details here.

Jade McCarthy's Married Life

Jade McCarthy and Gordon Stead got engaged in October 2008 after dating for about a year. Stead is currently serving in Gibraltar Ventures as a vice-president. According to a source, Stead proposed McCarthy on Boathouse Row and the couple celebrated the ceremony along with their family.

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McCarthy and Stead got married the same year, 2008. The couple shares nine years of their togetherness in 2017. They are happily married and have two sons together.


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Their first son Mac was born on October 2011 and the second son was born on August 2015.When she was pregnant with her second child, she looked anchored with even a visible baby bump. 


There was a rumor of their conflict in 2011 after Stead got a job in Philadelphia so McCarthy had to resign her NESN job.However, the thing became fine between them after she got a job on ESPN.

Is Jade McCarthy expecting her third child?

Well, Jade McCarthy's family of four is going to be five soon. Sportscaster Jade McCarthy seems quite eager to welcome the third child. Even after being fired from ESPN while pregnant the soon to be a mother has kept calm.

Despite being popular and successful, 36 years old McCarthy is much dedicated to her family.She loves to introduce herself as a mother and a wife first and then only a sportscaster. Her Twitter bio reads:

Mommy & Wife to my 3 fave guys + baby on board. Broadcaster.

Seems like ESPN laying her off hasn't had much impact in her life. For updates and more celebrity gossip and news, keep a tab on Article Bio.


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