Singer Michael Bivins' net worth is $40 million. Know about the singer's luxurious cars and houses

Michael Bivins is a singer, rapper and the founder and member of American groups New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe. The Hip-Hop singer was born in Boston, Ma s sachusetts, USA.

Michael Bivins' musical career

Michael Bivins began his career in1978 as the founding member of New Edition. After the group broke up, he formed Bell Biv DeVoe with two other members of New Edition. They pioneered new jack swing and dominated the charts with their album Poison.



His album "New edition" landed in the top 5 on Billboard charts and it also sold more than 4 million copies. The 'Bell Biv DeVoe’s first album, “Poison,” was a super hit and then came one after the other. He served as the music entrepreneur and A&A man of both of his own acts. Bivins has credited a supporting role in the film "Friday After Next".

Bivins featured as a crazy and super-obsessed DJ Phillip "PM" Michaels in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Bivins has even done many acts such as Another Bad Creation, MC Brains, and Boyz II Men. Besides bright musical career, he is also a television and movie personality. Not only that, he has owed the label called Sporty Rich Enterprises.

Singer Michael Bivins' net worth, house, and luxury cars

Michael Bivins' has a net worth of $40 million. He was raised in Ma s sachusetts, United States of America  and has increased his wealth from his performances for Bell Biv DeVoe alongside R&B New Edition.



Michael has always been an active member of the management side of R&B New Edition. Michael is considered one of the richest celebrities because of his income. Michael has managed to keep his personal information very private.


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