Reporter Doris Burke's Net Worth along with her income and journalism career - highlighted here

Born on 23rd November 1965, Doris Burke is An ESPN's sideline reporter and color. The famous reporter got a lot of Buzz after rap artist Drake went on a date with her and wore a T-shirt with her name. Other than working for ESPN the famous basketball NBA reporter is also known for reporting NBA on ABC games and an analyst for WNBA games on MSG

Moreover, she also has an experience of working with New York Knicks games too. Burke was the first female analyst to call a New York Knicks game on radio and television.

We know that all Drake fans will like to know all about the reporter and on today's topic we shall discuss her net worth, Salary and her career in many sports networks. So, with no delay, we present to you Doris Burke straight from ESPN.

Early life and Career

The reporter in her early days was a college level athlete. The NBA reporter is a graduate of the University of Providence, Sable in health service administration and social work and also holds a master's degree in Education.

Burke is in the field of journalism since 1990 her first broadcasting career as an analyst was for women's games alma mater on radio. She worked with Big East Women's games on television the same year she joined Alma Meter and in 1996 she started to work for she began working Big East men's games.

In 1997 she was hired by the famous Sports network ESPN as the lead analyst covering the WNBA. Burke became the first woman to be a color analyst for a New York Knicks game on the radio and on television in 2000. She started the sidelines reporting for ESPN and ABC for covering NBA in 2003. She is linked with ABC Sports for covering NBA Finals in 2009.

If you are an NBA video game fan then you must have noticed the sideline reporter; Yes Doris is featured in 2K Sports' NBA 2K11 video game as well. She works as NBA commentator for ESPN alongside analysts Jalen Rose and Avery Johnson in recent days after her contract was extended by ESPN network paying her a huge amount of Salary.

Salary and net worth

WNBA games on MSG, NBA on ABC games, New York Knicks games, and ESPN network are a few of the big names to take, other than these TV Sports network she is a playoff commentator as well as a radio host. So, if we add up all of her salaries from the different networks she earns more than $ 100000 and her net worth as suggested by an insider is around $ 5 million Dollars in 2016.


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