Rebkah Howard wife of Desmond Howard

News by Bartle Published on 31 Mar,2015 Updated on 08 Feb,2019

Desmond Howard is a well known NFL Player, who has played for University of Michigan to Washington Redskin, Jacksonville Jaguars, Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions. For his exceptional skills and performance, Desmond has been awarded the Most Valuable player of Super Bowl XXXI and he is the first and only special team’s player to have won this award. Not only that he is one of the only four players to have won the Heisman Trophy and Super Bowl MVP which made him even more special in front of his girlfriend , Rebkah Howard’s eyes. 
Although Rebkah Howard was already quite successful before she met Howard, her life drastically changed after she was primed to marry this celebrated figure. Rebkah seems lucky to have married this celebrated figure who was ranked the ninth Greatest Return Specialist in NFL History by NFL Network’s NFL Top 10 Return Aces, and Desmond is also a fortunate man to have married Rebkah who is not only beautiful and brainy but independent as well. Rebkah Howard is as successful in her field of work as Desmond as she is a licensed attorney and a proficient public relations, marketing and event manager executive who has over 15 years of experience in this field of work. She is a meticulous person who is not dependent upon her husband’s career unlike many other NFL wives. Rebkah is the co-owner of her public relations firm, ImagePro LLC based in South Florida, which is a woman-owned full service firm that specializes in various special events, media relations and public affairs. Her field of expertise does not end there; Rebkah is also the executive director The Tamika Huston Foundation which is a non-profit foundation that assists the family and relatives of the missing. They also help for the search by utilizing sources like media outreach, webpage development, presenting practical information about developing a good relationship with law enforcement and also to effectively advocate for the missing. 
Like her husband, Desmond, Rebkah also comes from a well educated background; she went to University of Maryland at College Park from where she received her Undergraduate degree in Radio, television and Film and received her Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law Washington DC. Rebkah Howard wife of Desmond Howard plays her wifely roles by revolting against anything bad happening to Desmond through social service site. More recently she fired back on a comment against Desmond. Like any other celebrity couple, there have definitely been some rumors about the couple going through a split up and eventually an alleged divorce, which seems fallacious as the couple frequently upload their pictures and are seen together in the public as well. And to top it off, Rebkah defending her husband does not look much like a possible split up.

Rebkah’s successful career and Desmond’s $14 million earning is providing the family more than enough and a divorce now would ruin it all for their children. Overall the couple seems happy and is living in Miami, Florida with their 3 adorable children.