Raged Twitterverse Demand CBS To Fire Stephen Colbert For His Hypocritical Comments On Donald Trump

“In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s holster.”

This statement by Stephen Colbert created an outrage among Twitter users. On marking 100 days of Donald Trump as president of United States, Colbert went one on one with Donald Trump where he blatantly insulted him.

Taking an offense at the scenario, Trump supporters on twitter strongly demanded CBS fire Stephen Colbert for his unethical behavior.

Here are few of those tweets where one can clearly see rage among people on Twitter. 


?RETWEET? if you agree #CBS should #FireColbert for his horrible "joke" about our President, not to mention it was quite h 0phobic. #MAGA

— carl (@CarlMatsx2) May 3, 2017




#FireColbert Anti-American. Homophobic. Bigot.

— 4luvofcountry (@zsazsagogrl) May 2, 2017




#Colbert must go after his un-American disgusting h 0phobic rant on #POTUS. #CBS #FireColbert. #MAGA https://t.co/s5N6XCVqvb

— USN Wife (@angeleo) May 3, 2017



How can @CBS let a h 0phobic remark by @colbertlateshow @StephenAtHome be said on air. LOW CLASS #Firecolbert

— tony12345 (@tony123458) May 3, 2017



Where are the #liberals and #LBGTQ community after the NOT funny @StephenAtHome made #h 0phobic remarks about our @POTUS ?? #FireColbert https://t.co/TYzha8BNC1

— Cip (@TPsFinest) May 3, 2017


Vulgar h 0phobic attacks on anyone should never be acceptable in our society....sponsors ? We are watching #FireColbert

— Denny Forrest (@Sweaternite) May 3, 2017


So when the left make h 0phobic comments on national TV 2 millions it's ????but say something about a woman in Private it's BAD? #FireColbert

— Bkitaliano72 (@bkitaliano) May 3, 2017


Another gay over here. Not h 0phobic. #FireColbert https://t.co/Wyfyv37Jxl

— Ryan Juhola (@RyanJuhola) May 3, 2017


  The late show host Colbert after the backlash came to explain the scenario. He made corrections on his point of view and pointed out Donald trump’s as well.


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