Rachel Nichols Journalist scandal, married and divorce

News by Sahra Mishra Published on 08 Jul,2014 Updated on 27 Jan,2019

Rachel Nichols, an American sportscaster, is currently hosting the afternoon NBA program The Jump. She joined ESPN in 2004. But, spent the past four years working for CNN and TNT. She is the wife of Oscar-winning actor Max Nichols

Let’s go closer into their married life here with this article. 

Rachel And Max Nichols: A Happily Married Couple

Rachel and Max have been married, since 2001. The two also dated for a while before walking down the aisle on May 25, 2001, in a Jewish wedding ceremony in Venice. The power couple also the proud parents of their two adorable twin daughters. 

The couple is enjoying their marital life. It's been more than one and a half decade that they are sharing the same marriage journey with no signs of divorce. But, being the media personality, she is also covered with rumors. There have been rumors that she had and has flings with other men even though she is married. 

Rachel and her husband Max

Rachel and her husband Max

There is even the gossip that she is cheating her man. She does not have a good reputation in terms of sexuality. There has been the regular scandal for her sleeping with other guys, trying to be near to the athletes she covers and even for her attitude which her audiences call as pretentious.

Nichols is a very lucky girl and her husband Max needs to be applauded for this that he trusts his wife and ignores all the rumors and scandals protecting her. This understanding may have come as he is also an active person in media and he knows about this all.

Rachel Nichols and Max Nichols have not been parents yet. She might have thought for one but due to her busy career, she might have thought it for near future for the time being.

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Rachel Nichols Personal Life

Rachel Michele Nichols is an American sports journalist born in the year 1973 October 18 at Potomac, Maryland, the United States to  Ronald Jacobs Alexander and mother, Jane Alexander.

She is currently working as an anchor on CNN and CNN International network and as a reporter in Turner Sports. Rachel Nichols is in her early forties. She is a married woman.

She is married to the film and music video director Max Nicholas, who is the son of film and stage director Mike Nichols. They got married in the year 2001.

Rachel Nicholas, Source: Tinypic

It is said that the credit goes to the name and fame of her husband behind her successful career today. However to criticize this rumor, one has to know without talent no one can survive their success for long but she has been in the media since decade more.

Rachel is currently hosting a program named “CNN’s Unguarded with Rachel Nichols” for CNN and covers on sports news including NBA on TNT, Major League Baseball on TBS and broadcasts of the NCAA Tournament for Turner Sports.

She also has covered several of the sporting events major as well as minor for the CNN network. Rachel had worked at ESPN for nine years before making her move to join CNN.

Rachel is known for her performance on Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, Sports Center, and E: 60. Prior to ESPN, she also had worked for Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and Washington Post in the year 1995-1996 and 1996-2004 respectively in the start of her media career.

Rachel Nichols is a popular name in the American Sports Television journalism. Rachel is beautiful and has a pleasing personality. However, coming more often into the scandals, she has gained a bad reputation in the public followed by her anti-fans.

Her anti-fans do not even hesitate to call her “witch” and “Slut muffin”. Rachel Nichols is a good sports reporter and a journalist actively working in the television sports journalism giving her best to spread the sports news to her audiences.

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