Pundit and Journalist Mara Liasson is happy with her husband Jonathan Cuneo and her children

People rarely have aims of being a journalist. However, some people grow up with ideas of becoming a fine journalist like NPR's reporter Mara Lia s son. Born on 13th of June, 1955, in the city of New York, the beautiful Mara was always a bright student on her school days and started indulging oneself in journalism. There has been no looking back since then! 

Mara, who was even awarded the prestigious Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism at Columbia University, was unable to carry on with the studies because of her job at NPR radio network. In her early years with NPR, Mara Lia s son  was provided with the opportunity to be an NPR's congressional correspondent for the white house. She was NPR's  congressional correspondent for the white house for ten years.

Career Growth and Radio:

Lia s son has been linked with NPR since 1985. This long tenure with NPR has made her voice credible to her audiences and now she is undoubtedly the most reliable journalist in NPR's pannel. Liaison was one of the active reporters for the Gulf War in Amman and Jordan in the year 1991. She has won the 'White House Correspondents' Association's Merriman Smith Award'  for daily news coverage winner for 1994, 1995, and 1997. Lia s son also covered presidential elections in 1992, 1996 and 2000 for NPR station.

Married Life & Children

Mara Lia s son is married to Jonathan Cuneo, a well-established lawyer and also a partner in the Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca law firm in Washington, D.C. The white women from Newyork and her lawyer husband are still going strong with their married relationship. 

The business partner and her husband Jonathan W Cuneo seem to be happy with her work and successful career that she has achieved through the hard work over the years. The couple is happy with each other living in a family consisting only two members. The couple is enjoying their second half of married life happily. However, they are still not blessed with children. 

The couple doesn't seem to be interested in adopting a baby anytime sooner. In one of her morning shows, she once stated a strong self-dependent statement where she stated children is not a good idea for professional women which gathered a lot of controversies. The written version of her interview can be found here. Despite the fact of not having their own children, the couple is involved in a charity program which helps children all over America so the decision makes sense.


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