Pepsi's ad starring Kendall Jenner backfires! 20 twitter reactions including MLK's daughter's

It seems as if anything that Kendall Jenner touches becomes controversial. Just a couple of months later her Vogue photo shoot that enraged Ballerinas, her latest Pepsi ad campaign is doing it again. Twitter is outraged!

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Take a look at the Pepsi ad first:

Well, the twitter wasn't having it! From hilarious, outraged, concerned to supportive, twitter flooded with reactions. We have the best ones for you!

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A British take on the situation:

The World is a stage for dark humor anyway!

Simpsons always knows it beforehand!

Can't deter loyalty with a controversial ad


I will have a Sprite, please!

Some took serious offense to the ad, including Martin Luther King's daughter! Does Pepsi deserve it?



Pepsi issued a public apology:

Is Pepsi really innocent or was this an orchestrated strategy for publicity?

If this age of social media has taught us anything then it is the fact that publicity sells, positive or negative. Look at the Kardashian Empire, it clearly tells that being talked even if it's all demeaning can actually help to hype the brand.

Could this ad campaign from Pepsi release conveniently on the 49th anniversary of the a s sa s sination of Martin Luther King Jr. be just a coincidence and a harmless effort to unite people or a deliberate marketing strategy?


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