OOOUUU Rapper Young M.A. Directs An All Girl Porno For Pornhub

News by Corey Taylor Published on 11 Apr,2018 Updated on 11 Apr,2018

Rapper of 2016 hit single OOOUUU, Young M.A. dropped hints about releasing her debut album Her Story late this year has taken new endeavors. Recently, the Brooklyn rapper is tried her hand at directing, calling shots for an adult feature film The Gift for PornHub.

CAPTION: Young M.A. SOURCE: Billboard

The Gift, an erotic fantasy will be starring seven women and no man. The openly gay rapper went behind the scenes to explain her vision about the project.

Young M.A. said,

"It's about a girl, a virgin," the rapper, born Katorah Marrero, says. "It's her birthday and a friend kinda like sends her off to this place where she's mysteriously walking through different rooms and stuff and finding out, you know, paradise." The birthday girl walks blindfolded through a luxe mansion with a big pool, a hot tub, and an inflatable swan, and "goes off with whatever she feels is best. I think it's the perfect gift, to not know something. Like a surprise within a surprise." 

The movie is part of the new series called The Visionaries Directors' Club available for only paid members of Pornhub. The story of the movie eventually connects to her soon to drop album Her Story. Here is backstage video hosted by Asa Akira where Young M.A. talks about the storyline.

The MC said,

"It’s kind of a part of my story because it’s some nice little action going on with these beautiful women, women only. I look forward to that, that I was in control of how everything is going to play out, and the girls and the scenes.”

Well, it doesn't mean a change of career of Young M.A. as she recently released a single Praktice paying homage to Hall of Famer basketball player Allen Iverson. The Gift premiered as a Free Premium Video on Pornhub on April 10. 

Here is the sneak peek of the film.