Net worth and salary of anchor Bret Baier are getting better with his improved journalism career

What will you do if you earn a gross salary of US $7 Million per year? Most of us only dream about having that kind of salary. Living The big American dream is a hard work but Bret Baier has made it look easy. The Fox news anchor and correspondent for White house is happy with his huge salary and lives his life like a king enjoying his net worth of 15 million dollars.Let's take a close look at his personal life career and salary here at this column with us.

Career as a News Reporter

He started his career as a local TV reporter from a station in Rockford, Illinois and he later moved on to WRAL-TV which is an NBC affiliated local news station now. He was hired in 2001 after being selected in an audition, he covered the infamous 9-11 attack and then shifted his workstation to Pentagon. In 2007 he was named Fox News's White House correspondent and was hired for Special Report, on Fridays. In 2009 he signed a permanent contract with FOX and started running shows as a permanent anchor for Fox news network.

Salary and Net worth

We are talking about a very experienced journalist who has been a household name for News lovers from more than 17 years.

Over the years Bret Baier has earned millions of fans credible figure and huge experience and Fox doesn't want to lose its star reporter. That is the only reason for paying this enigmatic reporter with $7 million a year. An insider from Fox confirms that his net worth is more than 15 million dollars which include his Ralph model Apartment in Washington DC. His home features two-bedroom, two-bath, a mini bar and huge condo along with the library.  The modern design house is actually a true definition of Luxury.

Life is all about Giving back

It’s our family’s gift,” Baier says. “We’re fortunate to be in the position to give back to a place that has done so much for us.

Fox news Correspondent for the white house, Bret Baier donated 1 million dollars to charity. As reported by The Washington Post reports the Barriers along with Bret’s in-laws, Paul and Barbara Hills, donated the money to Children’s National Medical CenteR. 


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