Naomie Harris and Peter Legler are married or not

Popular actress Naomie Harris is very popular and high ranking actress because of her acting skill and talent. She is very fortunate lady with her high ranking across the film industry. Not only this, she is popular also with the relationship issues.  She was linked up with many people but by the time she was caught with Peter Legler was big news for all the fans across. They were in secret and dating each other since very long time but the media and public was not properly well known about this matter. But during the end of December as according to her fan following it has been found that they are started seeing across the public.

According to the sources, Naomie in one interview has stated that she would feel lucky if Peter will be her husband and spends his all the rest of the life together with a satisfied net worth. Within the public they have been caught off enjoying the moment with each other that they never wanted to disclose previously that they are dating since very long time. They were caught of joking, flirting and laughing with each other in London within one of the restaurant called Roka Japanese restaurant. They further stated they had a wonderful candle light dinner within Wednesday. Naomie also stated that she loves the way that peter make fun of him.

After a year of dating as a boyfriend according to the secret sources it has been found that the couple got married. The reason is still unknown about why the couple has not disclosed the news among the public. Still they have stated that they do not want to make any unwanted news spread across. The date and venue when the couple got married is not still disclosed among the public yet. They are very comfortable with each other’s company and planning to forward their long term relationship across.

Naomie is very sincere within the relationship issues. She states, she is very sincere with the marital issues and does not want to make her disturb with the unwanted reasons of the conflict among her husband or among the public. This might also be the reason behind their hidden relationship status. Naomie loves Peter a lot and so do the peter. They both were denying about their affair because of the reason that their personal relationship not to get bothered within their professional living. They have a unique concept of making each other happy and very satisfy with each other’s company. Naomie loves the smile of peter; she loves his simple living style and proper attitude. According to her, she loves the way peter respects the women. Naomie is happy with her married life and is not that bothered into her career because of the marital relation. Yet, her fans are still waiting for the moment that she herself declared that she is married with peter.


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