Micki Velton a wife of Former Mayor Jerry Springer

News by Bartley Published on 04 Dec,2015 Updated on 04 Dec,2015

Micki Velton is Ex-wife of Mayor Jerry Springer. This couple has one daughter named Katie. Jerry Springer maintains his personal life as his private life. This couple was married in 1973 and their daughter was born in 1976. During the time when Micki used to work as a Proctor and Gamble, Mayor Jerry Springer met her at the very first time and started dating. By the time Springer was a Cincinnati city councilman.

During the time when Springer met Velton he was forced to resign from the job for almost a year because it was stated that Velton was a prostitute and Springer hired a prostitute. This can also be assumed that this might also the additional reason behind their separation. As stated earlier Springer loves to keep is personal relation within privacy, there is not the particular declaration about the reason why these couple got separated.

Currently Micki Velton isn’t in contact with her former husband. She states, she want to live an independent life now and no longer is interested within any types of relationship. She wants to prove that she can struggle herself with her identity.

Micki never revealed the actual reason behind the separation of this couple. Jerry less attention and high focus towards his career building is also the reason behind their separation. Micki isn’t dating anybody now. Sources further states, she is single in the present context and doesn’t want to make a mistake falling into a wrong relationship again.

Jerry on the other side wants to continue their relationship with a new start. He wants Micki back on her life and start a new journey with their mutual understanding. Yet, Micki is no more interesting in making any relationship within Jerry. She also claims Jeery is not a good husband at all. She is changing her life in a better way without the absence of Jerry.

Currently, Micki is busy in her career as an entrepreneur. She is taking advice from best people who are perfect within the business administration. Micki is planning to establish a business and enlarge it in a near future. She is also searching for a financial support in this regards. She is involved within various organizations for the proper planning of her business that can last for a long period of time. She hasn’t any planning to be into the relationship with any person till she establishes herself as a strong lady and prove among the people. She is also focused towards her daughter career.

Micki states, she have removed all the memories of Jerry and living with a fresh start. She states, “I am focused within my future. I don’t want to repeat my past and regret for it time and again to make myself weak to show among the people.”