Lawyers Speak out over Black Chyna’s Leaked Sex Tape

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 20 Feb,2018 Updated on 20 Feb,2018

On Monday, a sex tape was leaked which has Blac Chyna performing a sex act. The one-minute and 23-second video features Chyna alongside a mystery man who faces was not disclosed during the runtime of the video. 

A moment of suspense has been built regarding the man who Chyna was performing a sex act with. On the other hand, the video was taken to Twitter by an anonymous account on Monday.

Source: People

The video took the internet by storm and Chyna's lawyer, Lisa Bloom had to clarify things to people. Bloom, who had earlier represented Mischa Barton in a revenge porn trial against her boyfriend spoke to E!News as Chyna's representative and said:

Revenge porn posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images—is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse. It's also a cruel attempt to slut-shame women for being sexual

Besides, backing up Chyna was her other attorney who took to Instagram on Monday afternoon, post the video was leaked. 

Source: BravoTV

The lawyer in a series of posts claimed the act to be assault and abuse of women. He wrote:

We have to change this culture of abuse and assault against women. Today’s post saddens me deeply as it is an attack not only on my client but my friend. Why do we think it’s acceptable to sell or publish, or seek revenge, or blackmail women in this way and without their consent? It’s not.

Furthermore, the attorney asked men to be better and understand the rights of women. He wrote:

Men ... we have to do better. I’m tired of telling my clients to not make videos because the men will put them out later. It’s like I’m telling them not to wear short skirts because you’re going to entice a man to rape you. #smh.

Seven months earlier, in July, Chyna's ex-fiance, Rob Kardashian posted several nude photos of the 29-year-old American model, Blac Chyna, on Instagram.