Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste interviews Jazz legend Wayne Shorter. Shares wisdom of Miles Davis

Jazz legend Wayne Shorter appeared on the latest episode of the Late Show web series Batiste Sessions hosted by Jon Batiste where he talked about the composition of music during his time.

The composer also shared the life lessons and wisdom of the late American Jazz composer Miles Davis.

Shared About Early Career

Shorter shared the memories of his early career and said that he got interested in music quite late at the age of 16 and first learned to play the clarinet. Since then his interest in music hasn't faded away.

In his 80s, he is still composing and performing, he said:

It doesn't go away, it's a sense of, kind of, a mission, There's the [saying] about the two great things: being born and the other one is knowing why. Knowing why is all upon me now because I'm 82 – I better start getting to know why.  

Life-changing points of Bastiste

Talking with Batiste, Shorter even shared some of the life-changing points of the American Jazz composer Miles Davis. He said:

The intent now is to throw away and put away everything that was learned, the studied stuff.

He even loved the way Miles talked to him as he would say:

Hey Wayne, you ever feel like you wanna play like you don't know how to play?

During the final minutes of the show, Shorter praised the social movement created by bebop. 


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