Know about Married Life of Commentator Leslie Marshall, Find out Who is her Husband?

Leslie Marshall is an American journalist, novelist, and British athlete. She is also known as a Political Pundit and On-air Contributor for Fox News Channel.

Leslie Marshall's husband and daughter

The pair have been married for 13 years. William and Leslie were dating for fours after getting together in 2003. The radio talk show host Leslie Marshall was married to politician William Weld-on 15th June 2003. Leslie Marshall came into fame after being married to American politician William Weld. Leslie's husband William Weld is known to be the former Governor of Ma s sachusetts.

 Weld was married to Susan Roosevelt on June 7, 1975. He had five children in his previous marriage to Susan Roosevelt Weld. Weld and Susan spent twenty-six years together. Soon after the divorce with Susan Roosevelt in 2002, Weld married Leslie Marshall. Both of them had known each other for a long time. Leslie Marshall is a married woman. Leslie Marshall had two daughters and a son while marrying William. In the summer of 2015, William and Leslie settled into a $1.25 million Tudor-style home in Canton.

Weld and Lelie have been longtime family friends. Leslie is the second and present wife of William Weld. William Weld now lives with Marshall and her children in apartments. The couple is enjoying their married life and they go out for dinner almost every night. 

Leslie Marshall's Career

Leslie Marshall began her talk radio career at WNWS in Miami, Florida in 1988. Marshall was offered to fill in as a News Anchor for the talk host. Marshall served at WNWS for 3 years before doing brief stints in West Palm Beach (WJNO), Milwaukee ( WTMJ), and Cleveland (WWWE). While moving to Houston and Buffalo, Leslie topped the ratings of radio host giant Rush Limbaugh, which earned the Networks attention.

 In the year 1992, Leslie was Nationally syndicated for three years. Later, she returned to local radio in Chicago, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. In the year 2007, she was syndicated for the second time for the show which is still aired today. Marshall is known to be a self-described Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, and a Feminist. 

Leslie is considered one of the 'Hottest Women in Politics' by "The Washington Times" and one of the most influential women by "The Magazine". Apart from radio talk shows, she wrote an exclusive blog column for US News & World Report from 2010 to 2014.

Moreover, Marshall's first novel, A Girl Could Stand up was released in 2004 which earned much interest from critics. She was highly praised by acclaimed author Edmund White. 

Leslie Marshall's Quick Facts 

  • Leslie Marshall was born in Ma s sachusetts, United States.
  • Marshall went to Northeastern University, she also received her Master’s in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College.


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