Kim Kardashian’s Mexico Weekend Was Good But ‘Butt’ Was Eye Candy

Keeping up with the Kardashian star Kim Kardashian was recently snapped with some candid photography.

Her picture on the internet previously made a sensation and now again she has come up with some fantastic pictures.


After the incident happened in Paris fashion week, Kim was really upset. She took off sometime loud of social networking and was not in news for days.

Recently she visited Mexico to spend some quality time with her sister. The pictures of Kim were taken where Kim want to do what she is famous for. Instead, she looked like normal people.


Kim with sister Kourtney was spotted matching bikinis of same silver color. Kim who has inspired women who are fat shaming that no ‘body’ is bad looking.

It was totally a girl’s weekend and fans are delighted to watch them.


Kim who is married to Kenya West has two children from him. Whereas Kourtney from her estranged partner Scott Disick she has 3 children. Mother of 3 children Kim is gorgeous and sensational when it comes to showing what she has got.


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