Kendall Jenner's Masterstroke To Dismiss The Pepsi Controversy. Check Out Her Curves At Coachella

Kendall Jenner who was recently in controversy for her Pepsi ad was seen at Coachella on Friday.

Her paparazzi moments were captured which has made the scenario going raw and sexy.

She was wearing a crystal barrette and a sheer skirt. Her appearance had made a surprising impact on people over there. Her curves that she was showing off backstage was worth watching.

It seems like she is all set to give a tough competition to Kim Kardashian. She was seen publicly after her controversial Pepsi ad.

Reporters are said to not ask about the controversy when she visited the Coachella party. After being slammed by the public on Twitter and other social media, Kendall made her first appearance. 

Kendall Jenner, 21, is an American fashion model and manager to the society management. She is also one of the faces of E! reality show Keeping up with the Kardashian


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