Kate Quilton and James Lance are married since 2016. Find out all the details about their marriage.

Kate Quilton is a known face in English Televsion world. Her show Food Unwrapped has been quite a hit. In addition, she is making news because of her marriage as well.

As The Guardian puts it, Kate is ‘'the superfood expert we deserve''. We have found the superfood expert and our superfood expert has found the man for her.

 The 'Food Unwrapped' presenter got married in 2016 and has since then shared adorable moments between her and her husband on her social media accounts.

How is Kate Quilton and James Lance’s married life?

Kate as we know her is of happy go lucky attitude. She focuses on eating right and living happy. And that’s how her married life is. 

  Kate and James choosing their engagaement ring at Bourban Hanby, Ian Towning on the side. 

   Source: Twitter

Now, we don’t live with her and her husband in day to day life. But if Kate’s social media is to be trusted, they are a fun couple and still going on strong. 

Who is James Lance?

The man Kate Quilton is married to, James Lance, is an English actor and a writer. He has appeared in many comedy series like Top Buzzer, Teachers etc. He married Kate in 2016. He is most known for Northern Soul




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 Kate Quilton on Instagram

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These two seem like funkiest and happiest couple ever!


How popular is Kate’s show food unwrapped?

Kate Quilton teams with Matt Tebbutt, James Watt and Jimmy Doherty to explore food myths and superfoods.The team takes a neutral point of view referencing the scientific research about the particular food.


It's safe to say that was the best smelling flowerpot we've ever featured on the show. @Quilton seems to think so anyway! #FoodUnwrapped pic.twitter.com/mELVy5c7ho

— Food Unwrapped (@Food_Unwrapped) January 23, 2017

                             Source: Twitter

The show has established kate as a superfood expert. Since the show is already running its 10th series, it is safe to say that the show is quite favorite among people. It is based on the show ‘’Food CIA’’ licensed under Warner Bros.

What else does Kate Quilton do apart from her show Food Unwrapped?

Kate is a journalist and explores people’s choices of food and myth behind it with her team in the show Food unwrapped. Apart from that, she has run online editorial for Channel 4’s biggest shows.

She worked as a commissioning editor in Channel 4 from 2010 to 2014. She is also a presenter. Kate presented Superfoods: The Real Story for Channel 4, it was a 4- part series. She has also co-presented the show ‘Be Your Own Doctor’ with Tamal Ray on Channel 4.

Kate participated in University Challenge in 2016 as a member of the alumni team, University of Bristol. She also ran the April 2016 London Marathon.













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