Joe Rhodes, journalist Natalie Morales' husband, is happy with his 18 years married life

News by Clarence Published on 01 Aug,2016 Updated on 10 Jul,2017

We can identify Natalie Morales as today's one of the top American journalists who is currently working as a broadcast journalist for NBC News and as an anchor for Today's show and Third hour.

She constantly appears in other NBC programs such as Dateline NBC and NBC Nightly News. Her husband Joe Rhodes is a well-known American investment consultant who is popular for being an associate at Charterhouse Group International. Let's dive into the Morales' happy married life!

Natalie Morales' Married Life 

Natalie who can be defined as a great wife and an excellent reporter having a beautiful heart and sharp brain used to work as a Fox TV reporter previously, but recently she moved to NBC. Before starting her career as a journalist, she used to work in a bank. After a long dating with a guy named Joseph Rhodes Natalie Morale married him and today she is living with her family of four members including her two kids.


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Many changes are occurring in Natalie Morales' life recently, as she recently sold her beautiful Hoboken brownstone located in New York for $3.1 million after which she is preparing to move towards Los Angeles with her family. Joe Rhodes married Natalie on 22nd August and has been accepting that she is the love of his life from 18 years ago.

Natalie Morales' Divorce Rumor

She had given birth to two kids Josh and Luke, where Josh is elder and Luke is younger. The elder kid was born in 2003 after five years of their marriage, and again after five years, young Luke was born.

Natalie Morales' Happy Family, Source: Frostsnow

Some gossips were heard about Natalie Morales that she is going to divorce Joseph but rumors may not be true sometimes because in an interview she clearly denied that rumor, and told that there was no any problem between them.

Natale Morales' Balance life

After a long stressful job, she always manages to spend time with her family as we saw her going to U.S-Russia hockey game with her family before some time. Even on weekends, her workouts with one of her friends and this may be the reason why her body is so attractive and she has a balanced weight of about 52 kg.


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Do you know what? People say that Natalie Morales completes 10 types of exercises in 10 minutes. According to a post on Twitter, she left Fox TV because her co-anchor Tamron Hall didn't get along and there was a strain on the show. It was because Tamron Hall demanded so much camera time.

 When NBC knew about this they immediately granted her a request. Natalie Morales was very lucky to transfer. The fight was so toxic that she even tried to join with their rival channel ABC. We can almost be sure that Natalie Morales who was born on 6th June 1972 is going to do a great job working with NBC.