Joanna Gaines Rumored to be Pregnant, she already has four kids, is the rumor true?

Joanna Gaines is known for presenting Fixer Upper, an American reality TV show with her husband Chip Gaines. The couple already has four children together and there is a rumor of another pregnancy going around in the media. What's up with that? Is the pregnancy for real? Or is the rumor fake?

Gave Birth to Fifth Child

The Fixer Upper star, 40, gave birth to Crew — her fifth child with husband Chip Gaines — on June 21. “It's been a little over a week and he's settling in just fine ,” Joanna wrote on Instagram of a shot showing Crew swaddled in a rocker in his nursery

Graduates of Baylor University

The HGTV's, Fixer Upper show host Joanna has been married to her co-star Chip Gaines since March 31, 2003. Reportedly, Chip Gaines fell in love with Joanna at first sight when he saw her pictures in Joanna’s father’s automobile shop.

Joanna and Chip, both are graduates of Baylor University. However, they didn't meet in college. Her husband, Chip graduated in 1998, and Joanna in 2001.

Mother to four kids

One thing that is common between the couple, well at least it seems to be, is the fact that they both love children a LOT, why would they have four kids in a decade otherwise? 

Apart from having her own TV show, Joanna is a mother to four kids; her eldest son Drake is 11, her youngest son Duke is 8 years old, her eldest daughter Ella is 9 and her youngest daughter Emme is 6 years.

Talking on HGTV Joanna said:

“They love being outside, they love farm animals, and they are sure to always keep things interesting around here.”

Instagram filled with pictures of their kids

She added:

“Having Chip is like having a whole set of triplets… You think when he’s out there with the kids, he’s telling them what NOT to do, but he’s encouraging them to shoot at the house… at a wasp nest!”

Joanna’s Instagram is filled with pictures of their kids, showing them playing with animals on their farm. Joanna and Chip's marriage looks like one of the healthiest in the Showbiz world. 

Own a store named ‘Magnolia Markets’ 

Joanna and Chip own a store named ‘Magnolia Markets’ based in their hometown, Waco, Texas. Additionally, the pair also handles the construction business; Magnolia Homes, where her husband focuses on the construction side of things, and Joanna focuses on the design.

Joanna and Chip are the definitions of ''#marriage goals''. Together Joanna and Chip bought a 1,700-square-foot Victorian Farmhouse in 2012.

The duo's Most Popular Show

The house began as a small, two-bedroom house with an unfinished attic, and they transformed it into what it is now!

Chip and Joanna Gaines, the lovable home renovation duo behind HGTV's most popular show, "Fixer Upper," wrapped Season 4 in October 2016, the new season aired from November 29, 2016, to March 28th, 2017. The finale was mixed with laughs, cries, and vow to make some improvements around the house.

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