Is WNYW-TV’s Reporter Juliet Huddy still single after her divorce with Doug Barrett?

Juliet Huddy is an American TV Reporter who worked at the Fox News Channel. She left Fox News in 2016 after she became a victim of sexual hara s sment from former Fox anchor  Bill O'Reilly. On January 2017, she settled sexual hara s sment case against, O'Reilly.  

After leaving Fox, she has engaged in media and she is planning to launch her website soon. Former Fox CEO Roger Ailes was the godfather of Juliet, Roger, who died at the age of 77 on May 18.

Juliet previously married Doug Barrett from late 2008 to late 2009. After divorcing from him, she enjoyed being single for several years. However, this year, she started her new marriage journey with Steven Wright. Let's dive into her personal life here.  

Juliet Huddy and Doug Barrett: A divorced Couple

Juliet Huddy is a brave woman. She has been wedded and divorced thrice. She has always failed in her relationships as she went through the divorce three times in her life.

Barrett was her last husband. A 46-year-old television journalist was married to Doug Barret in 2009. Doug Barret is a Lecturer in Psychology.

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Juliet Huddy divorced her husband Doug Barret after five months of their marriage. The reason behind their divorce is not disclosed yet to the media.

Huddy doesn't have children from any of her marriages. She has had a pretty unsuccessful personal life. Huddy mentioned about her divorce with Doug Barrett on Kidd Chris' show.

She briefly dated John Jordan, in 2013. The rumors of the couple’s engagement were spread all around. However, things didn’t work out between the two. Then, the couple called it off. Nevertheless, following her last spilled, news of her relationships have not made it to the headlines so far. Juliet became the hot topic of gossip and conversation.

Juliet Huddy has a Boyfriend even after her Divorce with Doug Barrett

Currently, Juliet Huddy is dating her boyfriend Steven Wright. The couple is romantically linked with one other. Juliet reportedly said that she is happy and satisfied with her life right now. After three failing marriages, Huddy still had a hope.

         Juliet Huddy is engaged to Steven Wright, Lovebirds

In 2013, Juliet got engaged to Steve Wright. Huddy's journalist brother John Huddy, who is the Fox News Channel Middle East correspondent, revealed it through Twitter.  Nowadays Huddy is leading a happy life with Steve in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Juliet Huddy Marries Steve Wright

After four years of engagement, she finally married Steve in June 2017. According to her Instagram, the marriage took place on June 26. She even posted some beautiful snaps on a wedding dress with her man. 


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Juliet is now honeymooning in Amsterdam with her husband Steve Wright. Juliet seems happy with her current husband and we pray that her third marriage would not be failed like her previous marriages. 


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