Is Vicky Gomersall earning well as a Sky Sports presenter? Ascertain her net worth & annual salary

News by Clarence Published on 14 Nov,2016 Updated on 14 Nov,2016

From newsroom to dance reality shows and standup comedy, she has her hands full from everywhere. The Sky Sports presenter Vicky Gomersall is bringing unbelievable TRP's and viewers wherever she steps her foot.

So, If you want to know all about her professional life and income she accumulates, we cater you today with the gorgeous Vicky Gomersall from Sky Sports Network.

Career, after BBC, in Sky Sports

She left the stable job of BBC which most of the reporters dream about having and started as a reporter in Sky News. The channel admires her sacrifice and in a short period of time, she was able to gain the post of a show presenter after working as a reporter for a year. 

Cheltenham-born 44-years-old show presenter is all in for football and cricket; two of the most popular game in sports history. So, let's take a look at her regular work schedules to actually find out how much does she earn on and how much can actually be her net worth. 


Vicky Gomersall right now

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The star was seen in a famous dance reality show called Dancing with stars which really shows that she is a household name in the UK too. She has a long history with BBC and Sky news. She left Sky Sport after she gave birth to her second baby daughter but after a short gap she is on  the sports network and is kicking into some famous TV reality shows such DWS.

Salary from  billion worth News Channel

Sources confirm that Sky Sports earns revenue more than $10 billion per year and the employs get a handsome amount of salary, so does  this celeb.

Sources confirm that sports news pays her somewhere around $45000 per month as her salary which is added by her standup shows and reality shows she appears every now and then.

Stand up Comedy 

Reporter receives 3000 Euros per standup show and sources confirmed that she received $50,000 per episode for the hit show Dancing with the stars. The host has a total net worth of 4$0 million dollars which she accumulates from Sky sports and as a walk in game analyst for many shows which includes football and cricket match analysis.