Is Rebecca Berg marrying her live-in boyfriend Brendan Buck anytime soon?

Rebecca Berg, a former political correspondent for Buzzfeed who now works as the political analyst for  CNN, is popular beyond her professional work. 

There have been rumors about Berg's marriage. Could it be that her long-standing relationship with Brendan Buck might soon be turning into marriage?

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Is Rebecca Berg getting married?

Rebecca Berg and Brendan Buck have a long-standing romantic relationship. Berg never really made the relationship officially public, but once the photos started circulating, it was pretty evident.

Their relationship was even more evident when they started attending various events together. We are breaking down as much information as possible about this secretive sweet relationship.

Is Rebecca married to Brendan Buck?

We don't know them personally, of course, but as per our research, it seems the relationship started in the year 2014, at least the photos started circulating then. 

That was then, now that the relationship is public, Rebecca's fans are eager to know if she is marrying Brendan Buck. Given that they have been together for over 3 years now, it is pretty natural that engagement and marriage rumors are around. What does Rebecca Berg have to say about it?

Rebecca Berg on possibly marrying her long-term boyfriend Brendan Buck 

Rebecca Berg and Brendan Buck are already in a live-in relationship, how far could be the wedding bells?

Berg Says:

We are very happy with our now relationship and we can't think of marriage but in future, if we decided  that obviously, we will inform you.

Seems like they are taking it safe and slow. Good luck to the couple!

Who is Rebecca Berg's boyfriend Brendan Buck?

Brendan Buck is the Chief Communication advisor for the US House of Representatives based in Washington DC and also the Press Secretary for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Buck previously worked as the Spokesman at the National Republican Congressional Committee in the year 2008.

Given their professions, the couple met, most probably, during work. The couple now has a great love life, all that everyone is expecting now are wedding bells!


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