Is political pundit Kirsten Powers still single after being divorced with her ex-husband in 2013?

News by Clarence Published on 25 Jan,2017 Updated on 19 Sep,2017

Kristen Powers is an American pundit and has served as a press secretary, communications consultant and also as a columnist for USA Today, The Daily Beast and is a major contributor to Fox News.

Recently, CNN has hired Kristen Power as their new Political Analyst. She joined CNN from Fox News but she will still continue with USA Today.

Kirsten Powers' Affairs and Relationships

Kirsten Powers has been in affairs quite often and dated many people.She was in a relationship with Anthony Weiner a decade ago. Kirsten was married to Mart Makary in 2010.

She first met him when she was working for Washington post in Washington DC and began the first step of their relationship. The dated for some period and later were seen together on several occasions and Functions. She had a divorce with him in 2013.

Kirsten, who recently made a comment on the difference between Obama and Trump, was dating her fellow journalist, Robert Draper since few months. The couple got engaged in 16th November 2016. They have shared many photos relating to engagement and their affair in the social media but have not decided the marriage date yet.


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Kirsten Powers was found to be dating a Christian man shortly after her divorce. She once decided to be a Catholic and was often found visiting Catholic Church. However, she didn’t reveal any more information about her relation and her boyfriend.

Kirsten Powers' Short Bio

Kirsten Powers was born and raised by Irish-American parents in Fairbanks, Alaska. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland and studied at Georgetown University Law School for one and a half year. Her current net worth is $20 million. 

Kirsten is an American political pundit and journalist who first began her career as a Democratic Party staff assistant in 1992.

Later, she served as a press secretary, communications consultant and also a party consultant. She worked as a columnist at USA Today, Newsweek, and The Daily Beast. She was a contributor on Fox News but later moved to CNN as a commentator on 22nd August 2016.