Is Ozge Borak single after her second divorce? Is she dating anybody new? Find out

Ozge Borak ( Fatma Ozge Borak), the Turkish actress and theater artist, well known for the comedy movie "Eyvah Eyvah" had a divorce with her second husband Ata Demirer in 2014.

Ozge Borak was married to Ata Demirer in 2012 and divorced in 2014, and it's already 2017, is Ozge Borak in a new relationship or currently single? 

Is Ozge Borak dating after her second divorce with Ata Demirer?

Currently, Ozge Borak is possibly single, however, there's an interesting factor involved. She seems to post quite many pictures on her Instagram with a mystery man!

If she's dating someone, it's only fair! She's been divorced since 2014 after all.


Öpücem, öpücem dedim sana. ?????? #sevgi #güzel #sey ??

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We don't know who the man in the picture is, however, the photo does suggest that there is possibly something romantic going on. Borak also posts a lot of screenshots from snap chats to Instagram, mostly always with the same man!

What is the reason behind Borak First and Second divorce?

Ozge Borak was married to Bulent Sakrak, a Turkish actor in 2007. This was Borak's first marriage and it ended abruptly in 2010. The reason for the divorce is said to have been the actress' involvement with Ata Demirer whom Borak later married and got divorced from.

Borak with her first husband Bulent Sakrak

Ozge Borak met Ata Demirer, the upcoming Turkish actor on the sets of "Eyvah Eyvah" while she was still married. However, the new relationship ended up Borak's three-year-old marriage with Bulent. 

 After her divorce from Bulent, Borak married  Ata Demirer(Ali Ata Demirer), a brilliant comedian actor on April 22, 2012, at Su Ada Stage in the Kurucesme district of Istanbul. 


Borak with her second husband Ata Demirer


However, for Borak, her second married couldn't last either. After the two-year-long marriage, the couple divorced in 2014. According to some news, the main reason behind the divorce is  Ata Demirer's affair with Serra Yilmaz, who is a player.

As per, if Borak is still dating the player or anybody else, it isn't quite made public yet! Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated!


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